Welcome to my website! Here you find information about me, my research, publications, and upcoming events.

About me

I am a general linguist with a PhD from the University of Cologne and currently working as a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of English Studies at FSU Jena.

In my research I take an empirical and typologically oriented approach to the linguistic science. My main research interests lie in verbal semantics and all things tense-aspect-modality.

If you wonder about my last name: I pronounce it [ˈpʰɛɐ̯.zɔn].

Recent research

The focus of my previous research has been verbal semantics in the Bantu languages. I have also worked on different features of tempo-aspectuality and modality in languages such as Spanish or Tunisian Arabic.

Currently I am mostly working on the polyfunctionality of expressions for the concepts STILL and ALREADY in the languages of the world (click here for a project description).